Sachuest Point Sunrise

On Saturday morning I attended a workshop given by Ed King and sponsored by PSRI. The group assembled at Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge at 5:30 am with the temperature hovering at the freezing mark. It was extremely dark and there was a great clear sky. The workshop had been postponed for two weeks due to poor weather conditions. Sixteen hardy souls loaded up all their equipment and headed down the path led by Ed. After a short walk down the gravel path; we arrived at a point to decend into the rocks. With flashlights and headband lights we headed onto the shoreline rocks to find our vantage points to set up our tripods. The wind was blowing and it was very cold. i began to wish I had brought my gloves. A couple of the participants managed to fall into the shallow pools of water and were helped back up. The sky was a beautiful shade of blue with a first quarter moon. I found my vantage point and set up my tripod, camera and remote release. I shot about 600 images and had a great time. The trip out was a lot easier with the sun fully up and all the pitfalls exposed. I cannot wait until I can get back again.

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