This morning I got up at 1.00am and headed to Plum Island in Newburyport MA to shoot a sunrise. I had done some research and found several images by my friend Bob Ring that inspired me to try this area. After taking care of some housekeeping issues I arrived in Newburyport at about 3:40am. I tried a couple of locations and found that they were restricted or closed. When I tried to get into the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge I found the gates locked. Checking my location via Google I found Salisbury Beach State Reservation about 20 minutes away. I arrived to find the predawn sky already in progress. I had the beach to my self and set up with my two Nikons and remotes. The equipment worked well and I shot until 5:30 am. I was treated to a great sunrise and did my best to document it.Here are some of the images I captured.