Images On Exhibit

I currently have two images on exhibit in the Newport Public Library which were taken during our summer photo walks. The photo of the MGTD was taken near the Jane Picken’s Theater in Newport and the Wickford Harbor shot was taken in Wickford.
Additionally I have two works in the Newport Art Museum Photo Guild Exhibit at the Museum starting September 29. The image of the Nauset Light in Fog and the Misty Fjords taken in Ketchikan Alaska. I hope you can view these works in person.

Sunrise at Conimicut Point Park in Warwick, RI

It has been a while since I posted anything on this site. I would like to expalin the absence. I had to get my MacBook fixed, which involved a new and bigger hard drive. My back-up drive failed and I had to reload all my information by hand. It took about two weeks and it still is not all here.
This morning I drove to Conimicut Point Park to see if I could get a decent sunrise shot. It was about 25 degrees and there was patchy ice on the roads. The wind was calmer, however it was still pretty strong. Here are the results of my efforts.

Race Point Light Dune Tour

In our many trips to Provincetown, we have passed the headquarters of Art’s Dune Tours several times. I have always wanted to wander out on the Dunes to capture some of the stunning images that must exist there. Finally I made reservations to take the Race Point Lighthouse tour. My wife and I started out with a great lunch at the Surfside Restaurant right on the Beach. Then we took a walk down the pier to check out the various small shops and venders. I found my friendly seagull perched on top of the Whale Watch office guarding the harbor. The fishing fleet was mostly in port. The tiem had finally arrived and we boarded an eight passenger dune buggy to begin our journey. As we began our tour, the guide took us to various points in the town and explained the historical background. We passed the Tea Party and the Girls all waved.
We then set out onto the dunes and after a bumpy ride arrived at Race Point Light.
It was like being on the dessert. The guide from the light took us on a tour of the keeper’s home as well as the lighthouse itself. The light was originally lit with whale oil and in some of the photos you can see the small whale oil house set off from the main house. The light is now powered by solar panels. The keeper’s house also has solar power and hot water. The Whistle House which contained the foghorn is now powered by a wind turbine. The view from the top was spectacular. The Keeper’s House has rooms to rent by the week and the Whistle House is available to rent by the month. There is a long waiting list for both. We cannot wait for our next Dune Tour maybe the Sunset Tour. We had a great time and learned a lot of the history and culture of Provincetown.