Galilee Field Trip/ Point Judith Light

On Saturday Evening, I participated in a PSRI Field trip to the Galilee Docks to shoot various items of inetrest as well as Sunset. There were several ares to be explored and for the most part the Fisherman and assorted workers were very cooperative. I shot a few images on the docks as the boats were unloading their catches. Watching and learning how everything works. I captured some great shots and converted some to Black and White. Hopefully they will be as good as the color images they came from.
I find that the process helps me to forget my other cares as I concentrate on getting the most from my labors. I also went over to Pt. Judith Light to try some more night photography. The sky was spectacular with a brillant first quarter moon. I hope you enjoy the results.

Backyard Nature Images

During the last week I took some time off to relax. I explored the backyard and captured a turtle laying her eggs. I went down to Sneech Pond and found the new goslings trying to cross the road. Lastly I travelled to the Blackstone River Bike Path in town and found a nesting Blue Heron. The images are from these travels.