This morning I got up at 1.00am and headed to Plum Island in Newburyport MA to shoot a sunrise. I had done some research and found several images by my friend Bob Ring that inspired me to try this area. After taking care of some housekeeping issues I arrived in Newburyport at about 3:40am. I tried a couple of locations and found that they were restricted or closed. When I tried to get into the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge I found the gates locked. Checking my location via Google I found Salisbury Beach State Reservation about 20 minutes away. I arrived to find the predawn sky already in progress. I had the beach to my self and set up with my two Nikons and remotes. The equipment worked well and I shot until 5:30 am. I was treated to a great sunrise and did my best to document it.Here are some of the images I captured.


I have been struggling lately. I am com ing to terms with my home life and have starting working evenings. My old body is having trouble adjusting to this change and the rollercoaster weather pattern has not helped. 
I had an idea sitting in the back of my mind to go out after work and shoot some night images. I charged up all my batteries and set out after work Friday night to Narragansett to photograph from the Town Beach. It was freezing and the wind was blowing but I still managed to get some decent images. However the tide was low and I wanted something more. I looked at my work when I returned home and knew I had to go back.

Last Friday I went to work wearing my regular shorts and long sleeve shirt, not paying any attention to the weather forecast. After finishing up I headed south to shoot Narragansett at high tide. I had completely forgotten to bring my lined jeans, but felt that I would survive. When I arrived at my destination the wind was blowing at gale force and the temperature was in the low teens. The tide was coming in and almost at full high. The wind was on-shore and lifting the spray from the waves across the seawall. Being a typical photographer I set up my equipment and begain shooting. I lasted about twenty minutes on the west side of the Towers.
I got in the Jeep and with heater blasting I headed for the Town Beach to complete my self assignment. I lasted about one-half hour on the beach before the blowing sand and spray was too much. I was very grateful that my vehicle had heated seats and steering wheel and I headed home. Here are the results of my efforts.

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As you all know when I get stressed I find relief through photography. My wife lost her battle with Parkinson’s Disease on March 1. I was having trouble dealing with the loss so I traveled to Worcester, MA on Saturday night to get some night landscape images. I have always been fascinated with Union Station. It is beautiful distinctive architecture. Looking for a spot to set up from I decided to try the roof of the parking garage.
It was perfect. Although pretty cold I managed to shoot for about three hours. The front of the Station was undergoing renovation and covered in plastic over scaffolding. So those shot will have to wait, but I captured the beautiful twin spires. It was well worth the trip and helped me clear my mind.

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New Bedford After Dark

On Thursday night after work I traveled to New Bedford Massachusetts to photography the city skyline. It was very cold and not too windy. I located a parking garage and drove up to the roof level. The top level was still covered in frozen slush from the storm earlier in the week. It was like driving on RR tracks, but the Jeep handled it well. I shot for a couple of hours until I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes and then left. I also discovered that when you shoot after midnight the camera automatically changes the date on the files. Hopefully you will enjoy my efforts and I will continue to travel to different areas to continue my project.

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Those of you that know me, know that I like to take a trip every weekend and shoot photos. It has been a while since I have been able to do that. I am preparing for knee replacement surgery in July. I also hurt my back working around the house.
As a result I have been unable to do any photo walks or trips.
I went down to S Water St and the Point St. Bridge in Providence yesterday. It was a location where I could park
close enough to limit my walking as well as carrying my
equipment. Here are the images that resulted from my effort.