Friday was a hectic day for me with several chores that had to be done. I was on a four day mini-vacation from work and trying to catch up. In the late afternoon after checking the forecast I decided to head down to Beavertail Light to shoot sunset and then the night skies.
The sky was slightly misty with a wispy look to the clouds
as I proceeded to capture some sunset images. Then I moved to the other side of the lighthouse to wait for the magic of Blue Hour.
Slowly the clouds began to clear and the stars appear. I began to work the camera trying different setting and compositions. I wanted to include the lighthouse but tried to minimize the impact of the beacon on the images.
Several vehicles were also driving through the perimeter road which raised havoc with my long exposure attempts.
As usual I don’t like to quit once I get started. The night was cool and there was a great breeze off the water which kept the bugs at bay. Here are some of the images that resulted.


Saturday night I returned to the Providence Riverwalk Bridge to photograph sunset. The new pedestrian bridge was loaded with people having a great time. Families and dog walkers, couples out for a walk, and photographers looking to shoot the sunset. Two Providence Police Officers were located at the entrance to the walkway to keep the scooters and bicyclists from riding into the crowds. There was a small musical group playing on the patio and everyone was having a great time.
The attraction was bringing more people into downtown Providence to eat at the restaurants and shop at the mall.
Several people were asking about the restaurants and pubs in the area. Visitors from out of town are great for the economy of the City.
This addition can only add to the appeal of Waterfire and
other cultural events. This will bring in more visitors and money into the State.
The following images were captured showing the crowds and the beauty of the Bridge. I will definitely return as the rest of the area is opened up.


Thanks to my best friend Mags I was awoken at 4 am to take her out. I was greeted by clear crisp air so we decided to take a trip to the new Riverwalk in Providence. I loaded up and made a quick stop at DD for both of us.
The new Riverwalk Bridge has been the talk on the news since it opened last week and I have to say it was impressive. The area of S. Water St. is lined with restaurants and a greenway. The sky was just starting to brighten, but the Bridge lighting was still visible. We stayed and shot until 7 am to catch the sunrise The area was being utilized by walker, runners, and dog walkers. We enjoyed starting our Saturday like this.


Saturday morning 2:30 am and once again I am heading to shoot sunrise. Newburyport MA was my target because it has been a long time since I visited . It is a great summertime location and beautiful area. It was a little cool and very dark when I arrived , but the clouds promised a great platform for a sunrise. Setting up my equipment I was surprised by the many early morning walkers and jobs looking to share the experience. Several dog walkers stopped by to offer encouragement for my efforts.
I had trouble selecting images as each was more beautiful than the next. I hope you enjoy my choices.


This morning I got up at 3.00am to travel to Lawrence Massachusetts to photograph the sunrise. I arrived at Riverfront State Park to find that the access to the boat-launch area was gated off. I managed to carry both of my 
cameras and tripods down to the Merrimack River past the 
barriers. As I set up I managed to anger a group of geese that were sleeping at one end of the ramp. Moving to the opposite side of the launch seemed to calm them down.

I began to shoot across the River to catch the illuminated skyline of the City. I continued to shoot while waiting for the sun to poke out. The weather forecast was for clear skies and was totally incorrect. While I continued to shoot the clouds continued to increase. Sometimes the best laid plans just do not work out. 

However I did manage to get some great images of the skyline as well as the geese and ducks. Maybe next timeĀ 
the sun will make an appearance.