Logee’s Greenhouses

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, my wife and I headed to Logee’s Greenhouses in Killingly, CT. There was a feeling of Spring in the air and we wanted to acquire some new plants for our indoor garden. My wife picked up a couple of new African Violets as I apparently damaged some while she was away. Strolling through the Greenhouses was wonderful with smells of orange blossoms and honeysuckle. It was just refreshing to see all the various plants starting to grow and seeing all the new flowers. I took some images to share

Buttonwoods Farm Make-A-Wish Sunflower Event

On Saturday I travelled to Jewett City to attend the annual Sunflower Make-A-Wish event at Buttonwoods Farm. It is always crowded with long lines to get farm-fresh ice cream, hayrides, and the cow train rides. I made my way to the walking paths in the large sunflower field. A large number of photographers from all over were present to photograph the beautiful field of sunflowers. The following images are my effort to document the event.

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Newport Flower Show 2012

My wife and I attended the Newport Flower Show on Saturday. I had never been on the estate of Rosecliff and it was very impressive. The flower exhibits were amazing and to get inside the mansion itself to photograph was a real treat. The grounds were impressive with the gardens in full bloom and the flower show exhibits just increased the beauty. I walked until couldn’t any more and then sat and listened to a jazz band performing on the rear lawn. It was a great time. Here are a few of the images that were captured.

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