A day in the life of a gentlemen farmer and his wife.
On Thursday I went to shoot sunrise at my friends Brian and Connie Rose. They have created a great farm in just a few years. The Rose Farm has chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and guinea hens. Each has a name. They also rescued a horse River and her companion Jenny. Then there are Tango and Cash the tow burros. The group is rounded out by goats and sheep as well as a couple of dogs and cats.

When I arrived just before six am. Brian was up and had made me tea to get me started. It was an unexpected treat, but that is the way Brian works.
I made my way around the Farm shooting the moon disappearing behind the trees along the Moosup River.
The animals were all quietly waiting for the appearance of the gentleman farmer who would begin the task of feeding
and watering them.
As Brian made his appearance the yard came alive, with the horse and burros baying and the chickens crowing. As he made his way around the coops and enclosures Brian called all the animals by name and they responded.
Connie came out to help and went to visit River and Jenny to give them their morning treats. It was still dark and cold
even though the sun had begun to show on the horizon.
Finally the sun broke through and the official day had begun. Another day in the life of the Rose Farm.

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