This morning I got up at 3.00am to travel to Lawrence Massachusetts to photograph the sunrise. I arrived at Riverfront State Park to find that the access to the boat-launch area was gated off. I managed to carry both of my 
cameras and tripods down to the Merrimack River past the 
barriers. As I set up I managed to anger a group of geese that were sleeping at one end of the ramp. Moving to the opposite side of the launch seemed to calm them down.

I began to shoot across the River to catch the illuminated skyline of the City. I continued to shoot while waiting for the sun to poke out. The weather forecast was for clear skies and was totally incorrect. While I continued to shoot the clouds continued to increase. Sometimes the best laid plans just do not work out. 

However I did manage to get some great images of the skyline as well as the geese and ducks. Maybe next timeĀ 
the sun will make an appearance.

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