I wanted to photograph the Mt. Hope Bridge in Bristol in its Fourth of July splendor. Friday morning I went down around 4.00am and explored both sides of the Bridge. I decided to shoot from a spot on the Warren RI side. The DOT workers were taking down the giant American Flag from the center pillar as I went past but the Bridge looked great in its Red, White, and Blue necklace lights. The air was very still and the mosquitos were out in force. I spayed myself down and set up. I was shooting away trying different angles and compositions when I looked over my shoulder.

Remembering the mantra from my mentor Don Toothaker always look behind you. I saw a foggy sunrise beginning to develop. I moved over to the old pier and starting shooting the sky and surrounding landscape.I was going back and forth as the sunrise developed and the sky turned pick and orange all around me. I tried to show how beautiful and still the scene presented itself to me. I was joined on the pier by two fisherman who were determined to try their luck.It was a great start to a great day.

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