Misty Fjord Floatplane Excursion

It has been a while since I posted anything new in my blog. A lot of issues had to be addressed and I had to get my drive to photograph back in gear. I finally seem to be getting everything together and am once again publishing. I recently took a cruise up the Inside Passage from Vancouver, BC to Whittier Alaska. It was the single greatest thing that I have done so far in my life. I got to share the experience with my wife and granddaughter. It was simply put a once in a lifetime event. I will be posting several different blogs to chronicle our journeys.
The first port-of-call was Ketchikan Alaska. We arrived during the night and were greeted with a misty rain. We left the ship early as we had a scheduled 7:30 AM float place trip to the Misty Fjords. We were shuttled to the float plane dock and met Fred our pilot. He sized up his passengers and I got to be the co-pilot on the way out. The views were spectacular and I have over 1000 photos to edit. Here are some of the images I captured. Some were taken thru the plane plexiglass and have some unwanted reflections. I felt that they were too good to destroy. Enjoy these and more will be added as the week progresses.

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